Houari Mahfoud

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Most state-of-the art approaches for securing XML documents allow users to access data only through authorized views defined by annotating an XML grammar (e.g. DTD) with a collection of XPath expressions. To prevent improperdisclosure of confidential information, user queries posed on these views need to be <i>rewritten</i> into equivalent queries on the(More)
Over the past years several works have proposed access control models for XML data where only read-access rights over non-recursive DTDs are considered. A few amount of works have studied the access rights for updates. In this paper, we present a general model for specifying access control on XML data in the presence of update operations of W3C XQuery(More)
It is increasingly common to find XML views used to enforce access control as found in many applications and commercial database systems. To overcome the overhead of view materialization and maintenance, XML views are necessarily virtual. With this comes the need for answering XML queries posed over virtual views, by rewriting them into equivalent queries(More)
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