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This paper is researched intelligent surveillance system which is based on embedded system platform and wireless communication technology. To overcome interference that coming from small target movement or background light changes, moving target detection algorithm is proposed in this system. Abnormal matters at the monitor area can be detected exactly by(More)
Based on Teager-Kaiser(TK) power computation operator, the novel coexisting narrow band interference(NBI) detecting algorithm for Ultra-wideband(UWB) communications is proposed in this paper. The novel algorithm can estimate the central frequency of NBI accurately by adding the standard frequency analog signal to the TK processing branch and using the(More)
The interference suppression for multi-band frequency hopping ultra-wideband communications is introduced. Based on this UWB communication system, the new interference detection algorithm is proposed. This new algorithm can be realized in low complexity and in comparatively low level sampling rate. Mathematic analysis and computer simulation for this new(More)
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