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This paper presents a novel decentralized dynamic replication management mechanism based on accessing frequency detecting (FDRM).In FDRM, in order to provide better system performance and reduce network traffic, system node scans the local replica of a certain file to detect its access pattern, and makes decision independently to add, delete or migrate a(More)
This paper presents a high-performance No Backtracking Key Phrase Set Matching Method, NBKPSMM for short, which realizes the real-time filtering of network information. NBNBKPSMM can realize the high efficient filtering of key phrase set, which has better performance than traditional string matching method. Using the NBKPSMM presented in this paper can(More)
This paper presents a novel distributed cooperative fault-tolerance storage mechanism (DCFS) based on file replication and XOR verification. By using XOR verification files, DCFS makes a group of files which are distributed among different hosts cooperative, so that not only a single file in the group can use its XOR verification files to improve its own(More)
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