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The selection of logistics service mode is a strategic decision-making for the development of logistics; complicated circumstances require that the service mode can meet not only the needs of markets, but also the emergency outside. The purpose of this paper is to present what we believe is a useful way to select the optimal logistics service mode assuming(More)
Lactococcus is a genus of Gram positive food-grade bacteria that has been widely used as a vaccine platform for the safe delivery of heterologous antigens. Many reports support the involvement of inflammation and immunity in atherosclerosis as well as the role of autoimmunity to heat shock proteins (HSPs) in the progression of atherogenesis. In this study,(More)
Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP), a bombesin-like peptide, is an autocrine or paracrine growth factor that can stimulate the growth of various cancer cells, making it an ideal target antigen to develop vaccines against cancer. In this study, we developed a novel DNA vaccine that encodes six tandem repeats of B-cell epitope GRP(18-27) (GRP6) flanked by HSP65(More)
It has been demonstrated that the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG) is ectopically expressed on a variety of human cancers of different histological types and has been used as an antigenic target in anti-cancer vaccines. We engineered a fusion protein by fusing 10 tandemly repeated copies of the 10-residue sequence of beta-hCG(More)
Accumulating evidence established a positive association of anti-heat shock protein 60 (HSP60) autoantibodies and the presence of atherosclerosis. However, whether anti-P277 (HSP60 437-460) autoantibodies may lead to the pathological increase in vascular permeability, a vascular leak syndrome (VLS), is unknown. In the present study, anti-P277 immunity was(More)
A distance measuring system based ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors was presented. It can real-time handle sensor information. And through date fusion, the obstacles in the environment can be detected. This can be used to model the environment for mobile robot's path planning and other tasks. Experiment was shown that the system can be complementary(More)
A 3-D passive localization algorithm on the low-altitude aircraft is presented, which takes use of CDMA cellular network pilot signals. The method is using the time differences of arrival (TDOA) of CDMA cellular network pilot signals to make twice weighted least squares(WLS), and then taking use of the original information of Inertial Navigation System(INS)(More)
Inpp5f-v3 is a transcriptional variant of Inpp5f (inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase F) and locates in distal mouse chromosome 7. It is a paternally expressed imprinted gene in mouse. In this study, we examined the spatiotemporal patterns of Inpp5f-v3 gene during the mouse development. The northern blotting analysis revealed that only one transcript(More)
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