Hotam Singh Chaudhary

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Article history: Received on: 06/06/2013 Revised on: 27/06/2013 Accepted on: 14/08/2013 Available online: 18/09/2013 This review summarizes about the actinomycetes and their capability to produce bioactive secondary metabolites, many of which have been successfully isolated and turned into useful drugs and other organic chemicals. Microbial pathogens are(More)
The main objective of the present study was isolation, purification, and characterization of actinomycetes from soil samples, having antimicrobial activity against 12 selected pathogenic strains. Soils samples were taken from different niche habitats of Sheopur district, Madhya Pradesh, India. These samples were serially diluted and plated on actinomycete(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Research into the distribution of bioaerosols during events associated with huge groups of people is lacking, especially in developing countries. The purpose of this study was to understand the distribution pattern of bioaerosols during an annual trade fair in the historical city of Gwalior, central India, a very important historical fair(More)
BACKGROUND The prolonged use of antibiotic viz., tetracycline, quinolones, ampicillin, etc., to reduce the infection of cholera, may failed due to the emergence of new Vibrio cholerae antibiotics resistant strains. Moreover, these antibiotics even restricted for patient suffering from severe dehydration. Hence, there is a call to find an alternative(More)
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