Hosung Ki

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Proteins serve as molecular machines in performing their biological functions, but the detailed structural transitions are difficult to observe in their native aqueous environments in real time. For example, despite extensive studies, the solution-phase structures of the intermediates along the allosteric pathways for the transitions between the relaxed (R)(More)
The making and breaking of atomic bonds are essential processes in chemical reactions. Although the ultrafast dynamics of bond breaking have been studied intensively using time-resolved techniques, it is very difficult to study the structural dynamics of bond making, mainly because of its bimolecular nature. It is especially difficult to initiate and follow(More)
The [Au(CN)2 (-)]3 trimer in water experiences a strong van der Waals interaction between the d(10) gold atoms due to large relativistic effect and can serve as an excellent model system to study the bond formation process in real time. The trimer in the ground state (S0) exists as a bent structure without the covalent bond between the gold atoms, and upon(More)
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