Hosung Jo

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On behalf of all the ICACT2016 international conference committees, we would like to welcome all of you to ICACT2016. It is a great pleasure for us to host The ICACT is annual international conference in the communications field, where all experts from home and abroad come together to present their work, and share new ideas and visions for achieving the(More)
UNLABELLED Peptide identification is an important problem in proteomics. One of the most popular scoring schemes for peptide identification is XCorr (cross-correlation). Since calculating XCorr is computationally intensive, a lot of efforts have been made to develop fast XCorr engines. However, the existing XCorr engines are not suitable for high-resolution(More)
JPV algorithm, proposed by Joye et al. was predicted to be faster than the combined prime generation algorithm but it runs slower in practice. This discrepancy is because only the number of Fermat test calls was compared in estimating its total running time. We present a probabilistic analysis on the total running time of JPV algorithm. This analysis is(More)
Fast generation of a large prime is important to enhance security. However, primality test of prime generation takes long time. Therefore, primality tests are combined to speed up. A combination of trial division and Miller-Rabin test (TD combined test hereafter) is the most popular combination. GCD operation and Miller-Rabin test combination (GCD combined(More)
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