Hosub Yoon

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We address visual perception for personal service robotic systems in the home. We start by identifying the main functional modules and their relationships. This includes self-localization, long range people detection and tracking, and short range human interaction. We then discuss various vision based tasks within each of these modules, along with our(More)
In this paper, we present a multiplication table game that automatically detects and recognizes handwritten digits written on the white board. The result of the multiplication of two numbers would not only be displayed on the monitor, but it would be also spoken by the Text To Speech (TTS). The proposed application is divided into three stages: 1) detect a(More)
A gesture is not performed in only one action but a combination of continuous actions. It is very important to know the start and end of a gesture for accurate gesture recognition. In this paper, to extract a meaningful gesture portion in an online situation, we introduce a method that can distinguish the start and end of a gesture. Then, we describe the(More)
Nowadays, most image classification and recognition problem is nearly solved by deep learning. But some problem is still remaining. To solve remaining problem, many study is still in progress.As part of these study, in this paper, we suggest novel Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) architecture for face recognition. In order to observe various feature(More)
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