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We use a method recently devised by Bolle B] to establish the existence of an innnite number of solutions for various non-homogeneous boundary value problems. In particular, we consider second order systems, Hamiltonian systems as well as semi-linear partial diierential equations. The non-homogeneity can originate in the equation but also from the boundary(More)
Lane change maneuver is a complicated maneuver, and incorrect maneuvering is an important reason for expressway accidents and fatalities. In this scenario, automated lane change has great potential to reduce the number of accidents. Previous research in this area, typically, focuses on the generation of an optimal lane change trajectory, while ignoring the(More)
Google already showed the self-driving car can do stopping and accelerating more smoothly than the human drivers by doing extensive experiments. In this paper, we compare a human driver with computer generated motion for expressway lane changing. We did experiments at Nagoya ring route expressway and recorded all the detail motion information regarding(More)
We consider a class of nonlinear problems of the form Lu + g(x, u) = f, where L is an unbounded self-adjoint operator on a Hilbert space H of L 2 (Ω)-functions, Ω ⊂ R N an arbitrary domain, and g: Ω × R → R is a " jumping nonlinearity " in the sense that the limits lim s→−∞ g(x, s) s = a and lim s→∞ g(x, s) s = b exist and " jump " over an eigenvalue of the(More)
Process planning and scheduling are important manufacturing planning activities which deal with resource utilization and time span of manufacturing operations. The process plans and the schedules generated in the planning phase shall be modified in the execution phase due to the disturbances in the manufacturing systems. This paper deals with a multi-agent(More)
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