Hossein Tahani

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-Intelligent systems must be capable of integrating information from a variety of sources. This information can be used to increase object classification confidence, remove ambiguity inherent in a single representation, and resolve conflict in separate decisions. Methods for combining evidence produced by multiple information sources include Bayesian(More)
In adrenalectomized rats the effect of i.v. injection of glucose and ATP on insulin changes in external jugular vein was determined in normal and alloxan diabetic animals. In another set of experiments the direct effect of ATP on insulin secretion was investigated. Glucose and ATP were injected in the carotid artery and the blood samples were withdrawn from(More)
The design of pattern classifiers such as multiprototype classifier and neural networks classifiers such as learning vector quantization and radial basis function neural networks requires reducing the size of the training data sets. In addition, memory storage, computation complexity and time, and data redundancy demand many pattern classifiers to use a(More)
A comparison of serum protein fractions (electrophoretic separation) between control and mild alloxan-diabetic rats examined 10 days after alloxan indicates a decrease in total protein, a decrease in percentage albumin accompanied by a decrease in A/G ratio. In severe diabetic rats examined 48 hours after the administration of alloxan, there were no changes(More)
The influence of phenobarbitone givenin ten repeated doses simultaneously with small doses of CCl4 on serum enzymes was investigated in albino rats. The same experiment was repeated to investigate the influence of propionyl-promazine (phenothiazine derivative). The results proved that SGPT is a more specific and sensitive index than SGOT of hepato-cellular(More)
The intravenous injection of zinc or manganese chloride immediately before and 15 minutes after alloxan or dithizone prevented the usual hyperglycemia observed 24 hours after induction of diabetes. Injection of zinc chloride in alloxan diabetes led to normalization of sodium while zinc, copper, iron and magnesium remained high and calcium and potassium(More)