Hossein Sanaei-Zadeh

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Letter to the editor Tramadol is nowadays one of the most commonly abused drugs in Iran. In our country, few emergency physicians have never visited a tramadol-intoxicated patient referring after overdose or with side effects of its use. One of the complications of tramadol use, abuse, or overdose is seizure [1-4]. It has been shown that the(More)
Dear Editor, I read with interest the case presented by Wilson et al. [1] recently published in cardiovascular Toxicology. They reported a case of 17-year-old male who had been diagnosed with transient coronary vasospasms as a result of drinking a disproportionate amount of caffeinated energy drinks (3–4 Redbull Ò 80 mg of caffeine/can and 2–3 Monster Ò 160(More)
Dear Editor, I read with interest the study conducted by Mostafazadeh and colleagues regarding the blood levels of methemoglo-bin in patients with aluminum phosphide poisoning and its correlation with patient's outcome published in your journal [1]. In this study, the authors have shown for the first time that in almost all aluminum phosphide (AlP)-poisoned(More)
Dear Editor I read with great interest the case report titled " Periumbili-cal pain with radiation to both legs following tarantula bite; a case report " published in Emergency journal (1). The authors introduce a male patient presenting with periumbili-cal pain radiating to both legs. They performed paraclinical evaluations to rule out large vessel insult(More)
The present study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of morphine and meperidine (pethidine) as pain relief in opioid-dependent patients with acute pain. A total of 122 opioid-dependent patients with acute pain were included in the study. Their pain severity was assessed, using visual analog scale (VAS) scores ranging from 0 to 10. The patients randomly(More)
The aim of this retrospective observational case series was to determine electrocardiographic (ECG) manifestations in patients poisoned with methanol and see whether they could predict mortality. We also wanted to see whether there was an association between ECG changes and time elapsed between ingestion and treatment, age, sex, seizure, coma (Glasgow Coma(More)