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Existing techniques for 3D action recognition are sensitive to viewpoint variations because they extract features from depth images which change significantly with viewpoint. In contrast, we directly process the pointclouds and propose a new technique for action recognition which is more robust to noise, action speed and viewpoint variations. Our technique(More)
Existing techniques for 3D action recognition are sensitive to viewpoint variations because they extract features from depth images which are viewpoint dependent. In contrast, we directly process point clouds for cross-view action recognition from unknown and unseen views. We propose the histogram of oriented principal components (HOPC) descriptor that is(More)
In digital image watermarking, an image is embedded into a picture for a variety of purposes such as captioning and copyright protection. In this paper, a robust private watermarking scheme for embedding a gray-scale watermark is proposed. In the proposed method, the watermark and original image are processed by applying blockwise DCT. Also, a Dynamic Fuzzy(More)
This paper concerns action recognition from unseen and unknown views. We propose unsupervised learning of a non-linear model that transfers knowledge from multiple views to a canonical view. The proposed Non-linear Knowledge Transfer Model (NKTM) is a deep network, with weight decay and sparsity constraints, which finds a shared high-level virtual path from(More)
Social tagging is a process in which many users add metadata to a shared content. Through the past few years, the popularity of social tagging has grown on the web. In this paper we investigated the use of social tags for web page classification: adding new web pages to an existing web directory. A web directory is a general human-edited directory of web(More)
Recognizing human actions from unknown and unseen (novel) views is a challenging problem. We propose a Robust Non-Linear Knowledge Transfer Model (R-NKTM) for human action recognition from novel views. The proposed R-NKTM is a deep fully-connected neural network that transfers knowledge of human actions from any unknown view to a shared high-level virtual(More)
We propose an algorithm which combines the discriminative information from depth images as well as from 3D joint positions to achieve high action recognition accuracy. To avoid the suppression of subtle discriminative information and also to handle local occlusions, we compute a vector of many independent local features. Each feature encodes spatiotemporal(More)
We propose a human pose representation model that transfers human poses acquired from different unknown views to a view-invariant high-level space. The model is a deep convolutional neural network and requires a large corpus of multiview training data which is very expensive to acquire. Therefore, we propose a method to generate this data by fitting(More)