Hossein Miar Naimi

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In this paper, a new compact, low power and low voltage structure for CMOS analog multiplier is proposed. All of them are implemented using a compact circuit. The circuit is designed and analyzed in 0.18µm CMOS process model. Simulation results for the circuit with a 1.2V single supply show that it consumes only 25µw quiescent power with 2GHz(More)
New analytical equations are proposed for oscillation amplitude of the MOS Colpitts oscillator. These equations are obtained from a large signal analysis. The analysis is based on a reasonable estimation for the output waveform. The estimated waveform should satisfy the nonlinear differential equations governing the circuit. The validity of the resulted(More)
In this paper a new efficient fractal based compression algorithm is proposed for electrocardiogram signals. The self-similarities in the ECG signals make them suitable to be compressed efficiently using fractal based methods. In the proposed method, as in the basic fractal based compression method, each part of the signal is mapped to another part with a(More)
Frequency synthesizer is one of the most challenging blocks in wireless transceivers which works as a local oscillator in both receiver and transmitter blocks. It is generally based on charge pump based phase-locked loops structure. This paper describes the new application of fast charge pump based PLL architecture. The PLL uses a bang-bang frequency(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, closed-form analytical equations for the time-domain amplitude of the MOS cross-coupled oscillators are derived. The procedure of the paper is based on estimating an accurate equation for describing the behavior of the cross-coupled MOS configurations and finding a reasonable solution for the nonlinear differential equation governing(More)