Hossein Madadi Kojabadi

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A new strategy in wind speed prediction based on fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks was proposed. The new strategy for fuzzy logic not only provides significantly less rule base but also has increased estimated wind speed accuracy when compared to traditional one. Meanwhile, applying the proposed approach to artificial neural network leads to less(More)
In this paper, initially a new dc/dc converter is proposed which can produce boosted multiple dc links voltage by using the novel switched-capacitor converter (SCC) and with reduced number of switches. In proposed SCC, voltage of all capacitors is charged by binary asymmetrical pattern as self-balancing and without using any auxiliary circuits. The proposed(More)
This paper presents a vector control direct (FOC) of double fed induction generator intended to control the generated stator powers. This device is intended to be implemented in a variable-speed wind-energy conversion system connected to the grid. In order to control the active and reactive power exchanged between the machine stator and the grid, the rotor(More)
In today's world, the tremendous development of science and technology has caused new problems for humans. The non-optimized consumption of fossil fuels may cause irreparable losses (environmental pollution, wide changes in the Earth's climate and The scholars and experts are looking for resources that will gradually replace fossil fuels. The distributed(More)
A significant amount of electric energy is produced applying regenerative braking in railway systems. The optimum use of this energy can improve the energy consumption efficiency in a railway Traction Power Supply Substation (TPSS). This paper presents a new method restoring the Regenerative Braking Energy (RBE) to the distribution grid and converting TPSS(More)
Environmental, economical and technical benefits of photovoltaic (PV) systems make them to be used in many countries. The main characteristic of PV systems is the fluctuations of their output power. Hence, high penetration of PV systems into electric network could be detrimental to overall system performance. Furthermore, the fluctuations in the output(More)
Two new configurations of static ground power unit based on 5L active neutral point clamped (ANPC) and novel modular 9L-ANPC converter are proposed. First, a new level shifted phase-shifted carrier pulse-width modulation (LS-PSC-PWM) switching method for the 5L-ANPC converter is defined. By utilizing the proposed method, total harmonic distortion of output(More)
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