Hossein Kheiri

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This paper investigates the adaptive generalized function projective synchronization (GFPS) of hyperchaotic systems with unknown parameters. Based on the Lyapunov stability theorem and adaptive control method, adaptive controllers and parameters update laws for the GFPS are presented. The corresponding numerical simulations on hyperchaotic Lorenz system and(More)
In this paper we consider linear system Ax = b where A is a large sparse matrix. A new e¢ cient, simple and inexpensive method for storage of coe¢ cient matrix A was presented. The purpose of this method is to reduce the storage volume of large non-symmetric sparse matrices. The results shows that the proposed method is very inexpensive in comparison with(More)
Abstract: In this paper, we investigate piecewise approximate solution for linear two dimensional Volterra integral equation, based on the interval approximation of the true solution by truncated Chebyshev series. By discretization respect to spatial and time variables, the solution is approximated by using collocation method. Analysis of discretization(More)
A two-strain tuberculosis (TB) transmission model incorporating antibiotic-generated TB resistant strains and long and variable waiting periods within the latently infected class is introduced. The mathematical analysis is carried out when the waiting periods are modeled via parametrically friendly gamma distributions, a reasonable alternative to the use of(More)
There are serious problem for storage sparse matrix due to west of memory used for storage the non-zero values which represent more than 90% of sparse matrix. There are many algorithms suggested for solving this problem. A new storage method for large sparse matrices was presented in this paper based on quadtree. The suggested algorithm utilized the idea of(More)
In this paper, we investigate the chaotic behaviors of the fractional-order permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) system. The necessary condition for the existence of chaos in the fractional-order PMSM system is deduced and an active controller is developed based on the stability theory for fractional systems. The presented control scheme is simple and(More)
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