Hossein Javedani Sadaei

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Using polynomial concept and non-liner optimization enhanced the performance of Chen’s (1996) and Yu‘s (2005b) methods as the two frequently used methods in fuzzy time series model. To this end, polynomial schemes were given to each fuzzy logical relationship groups that had been established through forecast process to establish non-linear optimization(More)
The Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem (MDVRP) is an important variant of the classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), where the customers can be served from a number of depots. This paper introduces a cooperative coevolutionary algorithm to minimize the total route cost of the MDVRP. Coevolutionary algorithms are inspired by the simultaneous evolution(More)
In recent years, the demand for developing low computational cost methods to deal with uncertainty in forecasting has been increased. Interval forecasting is a category of forecasting in which the method provides intervals as outputs of its forecasting. The initial aim of this paper is therefore proposing a new interval forecasting method based on a low(More)
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