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In this study, bacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere and inside the roots and nodules of berseem clover plants grown in the field in Iran. Two hundred isolates were obtained from the rhizosphere (120 isolates), interior roots (57 isolates), and nodules (23 isolates) of clover plants grown in rotation with rice plants. Production of chitinase,(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for real-time high density impulse noise suppression from images. In our method, we first apply an impulse detector to identify the corrupted pixels and then employ an innovative weighted-average filter to restore them. The filter takes the nearest neighboring interpolated image as the initial image and computes the(More)
In this paper, we suggest a general model for the fixed-valued impulse noise and propose a two-stage method for high density noise suppression while preserving the image details. In the first stage, we apply an iterative impulse detector, exploiting the image entropy, to identify the corrupted pixels and then employ an Adaptive Iterative Mean filter to(More)
In this paper, we propose a blind signature scheme and three practical educed schemes based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem. The proposed schemes impart the GOST signature structure and utilize the inherent advantage of elliptic curve cryptosystems in terms of smaller key size and lower computational overhead to its counterpart public key(More)
—We consider the setting where a collection of time series, modeled as random processes, evolve in a causal manner, and one is interested in learning the graph governing the relationships of these processes. A special case of wide interest and applicability is the setting where the noise is Gaussian and relationships are Markov and linear. We study this(More)