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Software development is a fast-changing area. New methods and new technologies emerge all the time. As a result, the education of software engineering is generally considered not to be keeping pace with the development of software engineering in industry. Given the limited resources in academia, it is unre-alistic to purchase all the latest software tools(More)
This study proposes DC-ROLL, a new approach to concurrency control in a distributed environment based on the Request Order Linked List (ROLL) [P91] and the Datacycle architecture [H+87]. DC-ROLL allows for more flexibility in levels of concurrency and avoids certain performance bottlenecks of the traditional two-phase locking. Unlike the original Datacycle(More)
⎯ The computing infrastructure has, and continues, to endure rapid change as hardware, software, and communication infuse society and as the user community gains experience and sophistication. To meet these changing demands the educational computing community has experienced something of a metamorphosis, starting from a fundamentally computer science(More)
In the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Indiana University, course evaluations are used as an important instrument for assessing teaching effectiveness and maintaining the quality of our academic programs. At the end of each semester students are given the opportunity to evaluate their courses and the results are collected and analyzed by(More)
There is ample evidence of positive impact of active learning on student learning, attitudes, critical thinking, and retention. The traditional lecture-style classrooms are not suitable for group interaction or activities. Having an appropriate classroom with proper technology to support active learning is essential. In order to foster easier group(More)
Computing as a student major-of-choice is undergoing a serious transformation. Perceptions of globalization and outsourcing appear to influence career choice as outlined by the ACM Job Migration Task Force. As a result, students must be prepared to work in domain specific environments with competence and agility early in their careers. Indiana University(More)
with the experimental design and general advice. Finally, I would like to dedicate this thesis to my parents, my husband Rui, and my son Frederick for their love, patience, and understanding! They allowed me to spend most of the time on this thesis for past couple of months. I love all of you! Abstract Currently, in the field of molecular biology, the(More)
In the past several years, student retention has become a major topic of interest in academic circles. The discussion has become even more intricate due to economic and legislative pressures, and administrative directives. As a result, many universities have started to look toward solutions for identifying and reaching out to at-risk students. In this(More)