Hossein Hadian

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I-vectors have proved to be the most effective features for text-independent speaker verification in recent researches. In this article a new scheme is proposed to utilize i-vectors in text-prompted speaker verification in a simple while effective manner. In order to examine this scheme empirically, a telephony dataset of Persian month names is introduced.(More)
We describe our work on incorporating probabilities of phone durations, learned by a neural net, into an ASR system. Phone durations are incorporated via lattice rescoring. The input features are derived from the phone identities of a context window of phones, plus the durations of preceding phones within that window. Unlike some previous work, our network(More)
Active learning has proved effective in many fields of natural language processing. However, in the field of spoken language understanding which is always dealing with noise, no complete comparison between different active learning methods has been done. This paper compares the best known active learning methods in noisy conditions for spoken language(More)
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