Hossein Ghasemalizadeh

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In this paper we present a polynomial time approximation scheme for the most points covering problem. In the most points covering problem, n points in R 2, r>0, and an integer m>0 are given and the goal is to cover the maximum number of points with m disks with radius r. The dual of the most points covering problem is the partial covering problem in which n(More)
A set of points and a positive integer m are given and our goal is to cover the maximum number of these point with m disks. We devise the first output sensitive algorithm for this problem. We introduce a parameter ρ as the maximum number of points that one disk can cover. In this paper first we solve the problem for m = 2 in O(nρ + ρ log ρ)) time. The(More)
In distributed systems one of the main requirements is searching on distributed data which are sometimes inherently dispersed and exists in large volume. Current systems have different approaches to this problem and address certain aspects of it. In this paper we propose a general solution which can be configured according to the problem requirements and is(More)
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