Hossein Fallahzadeh

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BACKGROUND Denture stomatitis is a common oral lesion following the use of ill-fitting dentures. A layer of tissue conditioner is usually used to improve adaptation of the denture. These liners can support the in vivo adhesion and colonization of the oral Candida. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of the two common antifungal agents mixed(More)
INTRODUCTION Hepatitis B infection is an important health problem all over the world, and according to the studies, Iran is a country with intermediate prevalence, so vaccination is a cost-benefit approach. In this study, evidence about the efficacy of hepatitis B vaccine was collected by systematic review methods and its amount was estimated by a(More)
BACKGROUND Healthy lifestyle is a significant factor in cancer etiologic and prevention of cancer. There are instruments to measure a healthy life style, but the lifestyle questionnaires only examine one or a few more aspects of lifestyle. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to construct a comprehensive instrument to examine all aspects of lifestyle(More)
Applicability of two mathematical models in inhalation exposure prediction (well mixed room and near field-far field model) were validated against standard sampling method in one operation room for isoflurane. Ninety six air samples were collected from near and far field of the room and quantified by gas chromatography-flame ionization detector. Isoflurane(More)
INTRODUCTION Stress is an important factor in the educational process. Teaching and learning are stressful processes. This stress can affect one's ability and change his/her performance. The purpose of this study was to investigate stressors of clinical education from the perspective of medical students in Yazd University of Medical Sciences. METHODS This(More)
PURPOSE Gastric cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related mortality, with the incidence and mortality being higher in men than in women. Various studies have shown that eating carrots may play a major role in the prevention of gastric cancer. We conducted a meta-analysis to determine the relationship between carrot consumption and gastric cancer.(More)
CONTEXT Identification of parenting skills determinants among mothers is an ongoing field of research. AIMS The aim of this study was to identify the social cognitive predictors of parenting skills among mothers. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Previous studies have demonstrated the health action process approach (HAPA) as a credible frame for predicting behavior,(More)
BACKGROUND Low back pain (LBP) is a common medical problem among nurses. A better understanding of nurses' experiences about LBP may help to develop preventative approaches. The study aimed to explore risk perceptions of nonspecific LBP among nurses in Bandar Abbas City, southern Iran. METHODS This qualitative study conducted as directed content analysis(More)
BACKGROUND Some trials have compared laparoscopic ovarian drilling (LOD) with gonadotropins but, because of variations in study design and small sample size, the results are inconsistent and definitive conclusions about the relative efficacy of LOD and gonadotropins cannot be extracted from the individual studies. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relative(More)
Dear editor T he concept of evidence based medicine (EBM) involves a systematic approach for integration of best available research evidence into medical decision making for physicians, medical trainees and researchers. The EBM process includes five essential steps: formulating the questions, searching for evidence, appraising the evidence, and applying and(More)