Hossein Ebrahimpour-Komleh

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The recent area of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has brought new challenges to developers of net-work protocols. Energy consumption and network coverage are two important challenges in wireless sensor networks. We investigate intelligent techniques for node positioning to reduce energy consumption with coverage preserved in wireless sensor network. A(More)
In this paper, an effective method for human eye tracking and also decreasing the current challenges and problems in its algorithms, possibly as real time and for unconstrained environments has been proposed. In this method, firstly face has been detected and segmented from the remaining parts to make the searching area in tracking stage, narrower and(More)
In this paper, we introduce an interactive whiteboard system using image processing and computer vision techniques. This system is more portable than other similar interactive systems, because the system only needs a computer, laser pointer and a camera to communicate with the user. Using a standard laser pointer, user can send his/her commands to the(More)
Fractals are popular because of their ability to create complex images using only several simple codes. This is possible by capturing image redundancy and presenting the image in compressed form using the self similarity feature. For many years fractals were used for image compression. In the last few years they have also been used for face recognition. In(More)
Fingerprint classification is an important phase in increasing the speed of a fingerprint verification system and narrow down the search of fingerprint database. Fingerprint verification is still a challenging problem due to the difficulty of poor quality images and the need for faster response. The classification gets even harder when just one core has(More)
Image thresholding considered as a popular method for image segmentation. So far, many approaches have been proposed for image thresholding. Maximum entropy thresholding has been widely applied in the literature. This paper proposes a multilevel image thresholding (MECOAT) using cuckoo optimization algorithm (COA). COA is a new nature- based optimization(More)
Population-based metaheuristic algorithms have become popular in recent years with them getting used in different fields such as business, medicine, and agriculture. The present paper proposes a simple but efficient population-based metaheuristic algorithm called Human Mental Search (HMS). HMS algorithm mimics the exploration strategies of the bid space in(More)
Protein–protein interaction (PPI) networks are dynamic in the real world. That is, at different times and under different conditions, the interaction among proteins may or may not be active. In different dataset, PPI networks might be gathered as static or dynamic networks. For the conversion of static PPI networks to time graphs, i.e., dynamic PPI(More)