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Although several anticancer drugs have been introduced as chemotherapeutic agents, the effective treatment of cancer remains a challenge. Major limitations in the application of anticancer drugs include their nonspecificity, wide biodistribution, short half-life, low concentration in tumor tissue and systemic toxicity. Drug delivery to the tumor site has(More)
Endometriosis is a complex gynecologic disorder with a particular genetic roots and 5–7 % recurrent risk for firstdegree relatives of patients and occurs in about 5–10 % of women in reproductive age and up to 50 % of women with infertility. Several studies have revealed that endometriosis arises from an interaction between genetics and environmental factors(More)
EMT-type zeolite nanoparticles (EMT NPs) with particle size of 10-20 nm and external surface area of 200 m2/g have shown high selective affinity toward plasma protein (fibrinogen). Besides, the EMT NPs have demonstrated no adverse effect on blood coagulation hemostasis. Therefore, it was envisioned that the EMT NPs could inhibit possible β-amyloid(More)
Modeling inhibition data for a series of most potent tyrosinase inhibitors for hyper-pigmentation treatment was done with quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR). In this report, multiple linear regression (MLR) methodology coupled with feature selection method, genetic algorithm (GA), was applied to derive QSAR models. A model with seven(More)
It is well understood that patients with different diseases may have a variety of specific proteins (e.g., type, amount, and configuration) in their plasmas. When nanoparticles (NPs) are exposed to these plasmas, the resulting coronas may incorporate some of the disease-specific proteins. Using gold (Au) NPs with different surface properties and corona(More)
BACKGROUND It has been postulated that colon cancer is the third cause of cancer death worldwide. Recently, colon-targeted drug delivery systems have been developed for improving systemic drug delivery and treatment of local colon associated diseases. Using such drug delivery systems increases the drug's effectiveness and results in reduced systemic side(More)
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