Hossein Dahifar

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OBJECTIVE To study daily intake of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, to determine the biochemical findings of rickets and the effect of sunlight exposure and vitamin D supplementation in school girls with hypovitaminosis D. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted on school girls aged 11-15 years selected randomly from various areas of Tehran, Iran.(More)
OBJECTIVE Inadequate sunlight exposure and calcium intake during rapid growth at puberty lead to hypocalcemia, hypovitaminosis D and eventually to overt rickets. To determine serum biochemical findings of rickets in healthy 11-15 yr old girls, the effect of sunlight exposure and oral vitamin D supplementation on serum 25- hydroxy vitamin D and calcium(More)
Objectives: Hepatitis B virus infection and associated diseases are a major public health problem. This study was planned to find out the persistence of antibody against hepatitis B surface antigen in Iranian vaccinated children after five years. Methodology: Anti-HBs titers in a group of healthy good – responder children who were vaccinated with Cuban(More)
BACKGROUND This study was performed in an attempt to assess serum calcium, phosphorus, and alkaline phosphatase in adolescent girls and calcium supplementation in subjects with abnormal serum findings. METHODS A randomized, cross-sectional, cluster sampling, prospective, and descriptive trial was conducted from January through March 2003 for measurement(More)
Background: Newborn screening is an area with potential for immense impact in lifelong morbidity and mortality. Objective: To determine cost effective for glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) enzyme screening and prevalence of deficiency in newborns and children in Tehran, Iran. Materials and Methods: All full term newborns, neonates with icterus and(More)
Background: Acute hepatitis B infection can debilitate a patient for weeks and occasionally has a fatal outcome, while chronic infection is a major threat to the individual. Objective: To assess response of nonresponder and hyporesponder children to booster dose of Cuban recombinant hepatitis B vaccine. Subjects and Methods: An interventional, descriptive(More)
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