Hossein Bolandi

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In this paper image based visual servo approach for 3D translational motion and yaw rotation of an under-actuated flying robot is considered. Taking into account the complexity of dynamics of flying robots, main objective of this paper is to consider the dynamics of these robots in designing an image based control strategy. Inertial information of the robot(More)
An image-based visual servoing (IBVS) method is proposed for controlling the 3D translational motion and the yaw rotation of a quadrotor. The dynamic model of this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is considered at the design stage to account for its underac-tuation. In contrast with previous IBVS methods for underactuated UAVs, which used spherical image(More)
Two predictive controllers have been designed in this paper. The first model predictive controller is designed by considering a state space model and an extended kalman filter for estimate of the states of nonlinear model. The second one is based on the linear ARMA model and by employing adaptation mechanism; it can be applied to the nonlinear systems.(More)
In this paper by combining conditions and theorems about stability, a controller is obtained which is robust toward the uncertainty description which is presented as well as keeping the good qualities of a controller with limited maximum sensitivity. For optimization of problem a numerical optimization procedure will be proposed which can give the desired(More)
In this paper we will design an interacting multiple models adaptive attitude estimator (IMMAE) for a satellite with unknown star sensor noise level. This algorithm will be designed once using only kinematic model of the satellite which will be entitled 6-state IMMAE method and once using kinematic and dynamic models of the satellite which will be entitled(More)
—In this paper, Image-Based Visual Servo (IBVS) control of an underactuated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is considered for the 3D translational motion. Taking into account the low quality of accelerometers data, the main objective of this paper is to only use information of rate gyroscopes and a camera, as the sensor suite, in order to design an IBVS(More)
In this paper, a robust second order sliding mode control (SMC) for controlling a quadrotor with uncertain parameters presented based on high order sliding mode control (HOSMC). A controller based on the HOSMC technique is designed for trajectory tracking of a quadrotor helicopter with considering motor dynamics. The main subsystems of quadrotor (i.e.(More)