Hossein Balazadeh Bahar

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This paper describes a new Background calibration technique for pipeline analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The new scheme utilizes an existing digital foreground calibration algorithm and extends it to work in background. The goal is to digitally calibrate the pipeline ADCs in the background without stopping the input conversion. In this method one(More)
The confusing unification of hierarchical databases and DHTs is a compelling challenge. Here, we disprove the exploration of superpages. Our focus in this work is not on whether the famous modular algorithm for the deployment of scatter/gather I/O by Thompson is Turing complete, but rather on exploring an analysis of voice-over-IP (AIT) [17,27,17,17].(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a low power and high-speed encryption algorithm with high throughput for encrypting the image. Therefore, we select a highly secured symmetric key encryption algorithm AES(Advanced Encryption Standard), in order to decrease the power using retiming and glitch and operand isolation techniques in four stages, control(More)
Neural networks are often used as a powerful discriminating estimator for tasks in system identification. This paper describes a neural-network-based method relies on the Radial Basis Function Network (RBF network), for estimating the variable damping factor C (n) and spring constant K (n) of a weighting platform. Firstly, the RBF network learns key(More)
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