Hossein Amir

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Different users have different behavior and habits. When an ambient intelligence system is designed for a smart home environment, such difference in the user's activity patterns and preferences in environment settings has to be taken into account for the system to adapt to and satisfy the user. Automatic learning of the behavior and preferences of the user(More)
Gang scheduling (GS) is an efficient scheduling approach for distributed systems. The CompactMatrix is the second phase in GS and plays a main role in accelerating the scheduling of the larger gangs. In this paper, a novel method is proposed to compact the scheduling matrix by using two new ideas. By using simulation, the impact of the proposed ideas was(More)
Network-on-chip-based multiprocessor systems-on-chip (NoC-based MP-SoCs) are considered as future embedded systems platforms. One of the steps in mapping an application onto such a parallel platform involves determining when data is sent between the tasks in the application. As a network-on-chip allows concurrent communication, a decision on the route(More)
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