Hossein Ameli

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Complex segregation analyses were conducted on families of bipolar I and bipolar II probands to delineate the mode of inheritance. The probands were ascertained from consecutive referrals to the Mood Disorder Service, University Hospital, University of British Columbia and diagnosed by DSM-III-R and Research Diagnostic Criteria. Data were available on over(More)
1. Inbreeding and heterosis effects for quantitative traits were estimated in two White Leghorn lines selected with reciprocal recurrent selection (RRS) since 1950. 2. Pedigreed progeny were produced from full-sib, half-sib and unrelated pure line as well as reciprocal cross line matings to estimate inbreeding and heterosis effects "within sires". 3.(More)
BACKGROUND Course failing and delayed graduation are important concerns in educational systems. The reasons of these educational failures need to be clarified. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to determine the academic failure rate and its predictors in Nursing and Midwifery Students in Kashan University of Medical Sciences. MATERIALS AND METHODS In(More)
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