Hossein Afshari

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A new biologically-inspired vision sensor made of one hundred " eyes " is presented, which is suitable for real-time acquisition and processing of 3-D image sequences. This device, named the Panoptic camera , consists of a layered arrangement of approximately 100 classical CMOS imagers, distributed over a hemisphere of 13 cm in diameter. The Panoptic camera(More)
Salinity, a severe environmental factor, has limited the growth and productivity of crops. Many compounds have been applied to minimize the harmful effects of salt stress on plant growth. An experiment was conducted to investigate the interactive effects of exogenous ascorbic acid (AsA) and gibberellic acid (GA3) on common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv.(More)
— Centralized and multilevel implementations of the Panoptic omnidirectional multiaperture visual system were previously presented by us, relying on the transmission of all camera outputs to a single central processing node for omnidirectional image and video reconstruction. In this paper, a novel distributed and parallel implementation of the(More)
The design space of mapping multimedia applications on an architectural platform is complex and many parameters are needed to be considered in order to find the optimum mapping. Conventionally, architectural parameters are varied to find different design points and the application side parameters are considered fixed and unchanged, while multimedia(More)
Panoptic is a custom spherical light field camera used as a polydioptric system where imagers are distributed over a hemispherical surface, each having its own vision of the surroundings and a distinct focal plane. The spherical light field camera records light information from any direction around its center. This paper revises previously developed Nearest(More)