Hossam Selim

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A novel strategy for the representation and manipulation of multimedia documents is introduced. The model allows such documents to be treated as autonomous entities capable of representing and modifying their own internal structures. The model is sufJicientlyJlexible as to allow any given arbitrary document format and any programming language to be(More)
A generalised modelling system for handling multimedia documents is introduced capable of allowing documents authored in differing formats to be efficiently manipulated, compared and analysed. The model represents a document as a secure autonomous object possessing the ability to represent and modify its own meta data whilst not compromising the ideals of(More)
A novel strategy for the representation and manipulation of distributed documents, potentially complex and heterogeneous, is presented in this paper. The document under the proposed model is represented in a hierarchical structure. Associated ‘metadata’ describes the flexible hierarchy with the scope of dynamically restructuring the tree at runtime. All(More)
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