Hossam M. Mostafa

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Rats repeatedly intoxicated with alcohol (ethanol, three times daily) over a 4-day period display neuronal degeneration in the dentate gyrus; entorhinal, piriform, insular, orbital, and perirhinal cortices; and in the olfactory nerve fibers and terminals in the olfactory bulb. Postulating a role for excitotoxicity, we have attempted to prevent the(More)
A coral damage index (CDI) is provided, to screen sites to obtain a perspective on the extent and severity of physical damage to coral. Sites are listed as &&hot spots'' if in any transect the percent of broken coral colonies (BCC) is greater than or equal to 4% or if the percent cover of coral rubble (CR) is greater than or equal to 3%. To demonstrate its(More)
Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is rare in children. The kidneys are generally spared. We present a case of GCA in a 12-year-old girl with severe headache and tender scalp especially over the right temporal area. The right superficial temporal artery was cord like and nodular and the pulsations were barely felt. Several small tender nodular swellings were felt(More)
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