Hossam Hammady

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Many emerging applications, from domains such as healthcare and oil & gas, require several data processing systems for complex analytics. This demo paper showcases system, a framework that provides multi-platform task execution for such applications. It features a three-layer data processing abstraction and a new query optimization approach for(More)
We tackle the problem of automatically filtering studies while preparing Systematic Reviews (SRs) which normally entails manually inspecting thousands of studies to identify the few to be included. The problem is modeled as an imbalanced data classification task where the cost of misclassifying the minority class is higher than the cost of misclassifying(More)
BACKGROUND Synthesis of multiple randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in a systematic review can summarize the effects of individual outcomes and provide numerical answers about the effectiveness of interventions. Filtering of searches is time consuming, and no single method fulfills the principal requirements of speed with accuracy. Automation of systematic(More)
The ration of growing chicks was supplemented by chick, sheep, and cattle excreta in fresh, dried (45-50 degrees C) and sterilized (90 degrees C, 30 mins.) form with 4%, compared with a control ration. The development of the live weight was better in all supplemented ration groups than in the control group. It decreased in this order: fresh - dried -(More)
Road networks shape traffic mobility in a city. These dynamics are often represented as traffic flows in and out of defined urban travel zones. The functional dynamics of traffic zones can be represented by time-dependant correlations between time series of traffic flows in and out of these zones. In this paper we address the question: given the dense(More)
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