Hossam H. Shawki

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Previously, we have identified a calcium-binding protein that is specifically expressed in spermatids and localized to the flagella of the mature sperm in mouse, so-called mCABS1. However, the physiological roles of CABS1 in the male reproductive system have not been fully elucidated yet. In the current study, we aimed to localize and clarify the role of(More)
The gene 1700040L02Rik (GenBank accession number NM_028491, NP_082767.1) was selected by in silico screening as candidate that encodes a calcium-binding protein in sperm from a database of predicted mouse cilia-related genes. The predicted amino acid sequence revealed the presence of coiled-coil domain at the C-terminus and a CLAMP motif containing a(More)
Spermatogenesis is a complex and highly regulated process by which spermatogonial stem cells differentiate into spermatozoa. To better understand the molecular mechanisms of the process, the Cre/loxP system has been widely utilized for conditional gene knockout in mice. In this study, we generated a transgenic mouse line that expresses Cre recombinase under(More)
The transcription factor MafB is essential for development of the parathyroid glands, the expression of which persists after morphogenesis and in adult parathyroid glands. However, the function of MafB in adult parathyroid tissue is unclear. To investigate this, we induced chronic kidney disease (CKD) in wild-type and MafB heterozygote (MafB+/-) mice by(More)
The MAF family transcription factors are homologs of v-Maf, the oncogenic component of the avian retrovirus AS42. They are subdivided into 2 groups, small and large MAF proteins, according to their structure, function, and molecular size. MAFK is a member of the small MAF family and acts as a dominant negative form of large MAFs. In previous research we(More)
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