Hossain O. Yakhlef

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The asymptotic behavior of #n (d;) #n (d:) and Pn (x, d;) P n (x, d:) is studied. Here (#n (.))n are the leading coefficients of the orthonormal matrix polynomials Pn (x, .) with respect to the matrix measures d; and d: which are related by d;(u)= d:(u)+ k=1 Mk$(u&ck), where Mk are positive definite matrices, $ is the Dirac measure and ck lies outside the(More)
BACKGROUND Outpatient surgery is a major public health policy issue. It is controversial for total thyroidectomy, which raises the question of hemithyroidectomy. The present study assessed our experience in outpatient hemithyroidectomy. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the rates of postoperative hematoma and unscheduled hospital admission. MATERIAL AND METHODS A(More)
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