Hossain Fahimi

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The discovery of the colocalization of catalase with H2O2-generating oxidases in peroxisomes was the first indication of their involvement in the metabolism of oxygen metabolites. In past decades it has been revealed that peroxisomes participate not only in the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) with grave consequences for cell fate such as(More)
We have studied the interaction of microtubules with peroxisomes and the influence of changes in the microtubular network on the peroxisomal compartment. From the several cell lines analyzed for this purpose, HepG2 cells proved to be the best candidate exhibiting both a well-developed cytoskeleton and a peroxisomal compartment with great plasticity. Three(More)
Prominent staining of rat hepatic microbodies was obtained by incubating sections of aldehyde-fixed rat liver in a modified Graham and Karnovsky's medium for ultrastructural demonstration of peroxidase activity. The electron-opaque reaction product was deposited uniformly over the matrix of the microbodies. The microbodies were identified by their size,(More)
In rat liver, three different enzymes with peroxidatic activity are demonstrated with modifications of the DAB-technique: peroxidase in the endoplasmic reticulum of Kupffer cells, catalase in peroxisomes and cytochrome oxidase in mitochondria. The major problem of the DAB-methods is their limited specifity so that often in tissues incubated for one enzyme(More)
The three-dimensional (3-D) form and the interrelationship of peroxisomes (Po) in the model of regenerating rat liver after partial hepatectomy were studied by computer-assisted 3-D reconstruction of serial ultrathin sections. Po were labeled cytochemically for either catalase, which stains them all uniformly, or for D-amino acid oxidase (DAA-OX), which(More)
The usefulness of imidazole-buffered osmium tetroxide as a stain for lipids in transmission electron microscopy has been investigated. Rat liver and other tissues were fixed by perfusion with glutaraldehyde and post-fixed with osmium-imidazole and the appearance of lipid droplets was compared with that after post-fixation in unbuffered aqueous osmium(More)
The subcellular localization of l-lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in rat hepatocytes has been studied by analytical subcellular fractionation combined with the immunodetection of LDH in isolated subcellular fractions and liver sections by immunoblotting and immunoelectron microscopy. The results clearly demonstrate the presence of LDH in the matrix of(More)
The influence of various parameters of fixation and incubation upon the oxidation of DAB by catalase have been analyzed. Crystalline beef liver catalase was fixed with different concentrations of glutaraldehyde and peroxidatic activity was determined spectrophotometrically using DAB as hydrogen donor. Although aldehyde fixation appeared to be important in(More)
Zellweger syndrome (cerebro-hepato-renal syndrome) is the most severe form of the peroxisomal biogenesis disorders leading to early death of the affected children. To study the pathogenetic mechanisms causing organ dysfunctions in Zellweger syndrome, we have recently developed a knockout-mouse model by disrupting the PEX5 gene, encoding the targeting(More)