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We have developed a microfabricated analytical device on a glass chip that performs a protein sizing assay, by integrating the required separation, staining, virtual destaining, and detection steps. To obtain a universal noncovalent fluorescent labeling method, we have combined on-chip dye staining with a novel electrophoretic dilution step. Denatured(More)
Microfabrication technology was used to develop a system consisting of disposable glass chips containing etched channels, reagents including polymer matrix and size standards, computer-controlled instrumentation for performing electrophoretic separations and fluorescence detection of double-stranded DNA, and software for automated data analysis. System(More)
Ridge waveguide lasers, integrated with single deep-surface distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR's) in the passive section, were fabricated with a GaAs-AlGaAs double-quantum-well structure in an asymmetric waveguide. Third-order gratings, with a period of 389 nm and defined by holographic lithography, were formed by low-damage reactive ion etching processes.(More)
SUMMARY A radio-on-dense-wavelength-division-multiplexing (DWDM) transport system based on injection-locked Fabry-Perot laser diodes (FP LDs) with four microwave carriers and large effective area fiber (LEAF) transmission was proposed and demonstrated. Good performance of bit error rate (BER) and intermodulation distortion to carrier ratio (IMD/C) over a-50(More)
We investigated the effects of rapid thermal annealing (RTA)-induced cracks on the diode performance fabricated with GaAs-AlGaAs microstructures. These effects were examined and characterized after quantum-well intermixing within an epitaxial structure capped by either SiO2 or SrF2 layers. The results show clearly that the density of surface crackes(More)
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