Hosein Azarbonyad

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Users tend to articulate their complex information needs in only a few keywords, making underspecified statements of request the main bottleneck for retrieval effectiveness. Taking advantage of feedback information is one of the best ways to enrich the query representation, but can also lead to loss of query focus and harm performance in particular when the(More)
Recently, Entity Linking and Retrieval turned out to be one of the most interesting tasks in Information Extraction due to its various applications. Entity Linking (EL) is the task of detecting mentioned entities in a text and linking them to the corresponding entries of a Knowledge Base. EL is traditionally composed of three major parts: i)<i>spotting</i>,(More)
There is an ongoing debate on personalization, adapting results to the unique user exploiting a user's personal history, versus customization, adapting results to a group profile sharing one or more characteristics with the user at hand. Personal profiles are often sparse, due to cold start problems and the fact that users typically search for new items or(More)
Hierarchy is an effective and common way of organizing data and representing their relationships at different levels of abstraction. However, hierarchical data dependencies cause difficulties in the estimation of "separable" models that can distinguish between the entities in the hierarchy. Extracting separable models of hierarchical entities requires us to(More)
Identifying authors of short texts on Internet or social media based communication systems is an important tool against fraud and cybercrimes. Besides the challenges raised by the limited length of these short messages, evolving language and writing styles of authors of these texts makes authorship attribution difficult. Most current short text authorship(More)
Supporting exploratory search tasks with the help of structured data is an effective way to go beyond keyword search, as it provides an overview of the data, enables users to zoom in on their intent, and provides assistance during their navigation trails. However, finding a good starting point for a search episode in the given structure can still pose a(More)