Hosam Farouk El-Sofany

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XML has become a standard format in information exchange and integration on the Web. Much research has been conducted in recent years on XML technology, which has led to new developments in this field. The effective combination of XML and relational databases for portable Internet data exchange and data management is the technology platform of choice for(More)
—Through wireless devices and wireless applications , M-learning supports an integrated access to Web content and services in education anytime and anywhere. This paper describes the analysis, design, and implementation of "Wireless Questions-Bank System", that allows the students to take web-based quizzes, web-based free exercises, web-based exams(More)
— With the recent advances in Internet and mobile technologies, there are increasing demands for electronic access to tourist information systems for service coordination and process integration. Mobile computing and mobile devices are used to implement various tourist services (e.g. electronic tourist guides, digital interactive maps, and tourist(More)
— The assessment process in an educational system is an important and primordial part of its success to assure the correct way of knowledge transmission and to ensure that students are working correctly and succeed to acquire the needed knowledge. In this study, we aim to include Semantic Web technologies in the E-learning process, as new components. We use(More)