Hosam Farouk El-Sofany

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Research works in the field of E-Learning are represented by a broad spectrum of applications, ranged from virtual classrooms to remote courses or distance learning. Web-based courses offer obvious advantages for learners by making access to educational resource very fast, just-in-time and relevance, at any time or place. In this paper, based on our(More)
XML has become a standard format in information exchange and integration on the Web. Much research has been conducted in recent years on XML technology, which has led to new developments in this field. The effective combination of XML and relational databases for portable Internet data exchange and data management is the technology platform of choice for(More)
Problem statement: This study described the analysis, design and implementation of the Questions-Bank system that allows the students of primary, preparatory and secondary schools to take web-based quizzes and exams, to download course reviews and previous exams. "Questions-Bank", means that each question has a weight and area of knowledge deals with it.(More)
—Through wireless devices and wireless applications , M-learning supports an integrated access to Web content and services in education anytime and anywhere. This paper describes the analysis, design, and implementation of "Wireless Questions-Bank System", that allows the students to take web-based quizzes, web-based free exercises, web-based exams(More)
This paper describes a novel approach of storage and retrieval of XML documents using relational databases. In this approach, an XML document is decomposed into nodes based on its tree structure, and stored into relational tables according to the nodes types. Our approach enables us to store XML documents using a fixed relational schema without any(More)
This paper introduces some basic knowledge regarding to e-government, which includes, the needs of society, development of e-government, and basic e-government concepts. The main objective of this research study is to illustrate some international development experiences to understand the benefit of e-government. Such experiences may serve as policy(More)