Hosahalli Narayanagowda Suresh

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Most of modern controlled electric drive applications, such as lifts, cranes, and tooling machines are characterized by a high ratio of the peak to average power. In addition, such applications have high demand for braking at the full rated power. In ordinary drives, the braking energy which represents 30%–50% of the consumed energy is dissipated on a(More)
– Distributed generation is an emerging concept in the electricity sector, which represents good alternatives for electricity supply instead of the traditional centralized power generation concept. Among different distributed generation schemes, fuel cell is expected play a big part due to its inherent advantages. The power density of the(More)
A technique proposed for the automatic detection of spikes in electroencephalograms (EEG). The important features of the raw EEG data were extracted using two methods: Wavelet transform and energy estimation. This data was normalized and given as input to the neural network, which was trained using back propagation algorithm. Energy estimation was used as(More)
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