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Pubesamides A, B, and C, Three New N-Benzoyltyramide Derivatives Isolated from Casimiroa pubescens
Three new N-benzoyltyramides derivatives named pubesamides A, B and C together with the known skimmianine, β -sitosterol and daucosterol were isolated from seeds of C. pubescens. Their structuresExpand
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Synthesis and comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of argentatin B derivatives as growth inhibitors of human cancer cell lines.
Synthesis, characterization, anticancer activity, and comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of 14 argentatin B (1) analogs are described. The effect of argentatin B derivatives on the growthExpand
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Evaluation of the cytotoxicity, cytostaticity and genotoxicity of argentatins A and B from Parthenium argentatum (Gray).
Argentatins A and B are abundant triterpenes present in Parthenium argentatum. Both compounds have shown cytotoxic properties on K562, MCF-7, PC-3, HCT-15 and U251 human cancer cell lines.Expand
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Synthesis of argentatin A derivatives as growth inhibitors of human cancer cell lines in vitro.
The syntheses of nine argentatin A analogs are described. These compounds were assessed for their ability to inhibit growth in vitro in four human cancer cell lines. Our results showed that theExpand
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Chemical Constituents of Coutaportla ghiesbregthiana: Co-Crystallization of Two ent-Nor-Kaurene Diterpenes
The known nor-diterpene (16R)-ent-17-hydroxy-19-nor-kaur-4-en-3-one and the new norditerpene (16R)-ent-19-nor-kaur-4-en-3-oxo-17-oic acid were obtained as a crystalline mixture from roots of C.Expand
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