Hortensia J. Reyes

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OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate whether prenatal vitamin C and E supplementation reduces the incidence of gestational hypertension (GH) and its adverse conditions among high- and low-risk women. STUDY DESIGN In a multicenter randomized controlled trial, women were stratified by the risk status and assigned to daily treatment (1 g vitamin C and 400 IU(More)
BACKGROUND Malnutrition in children can be a consequence of unfavourable socioeconomic conditions. However, some families maintain adequate nutritional status in their children despite living in poverty. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether family-related factors are determinants of stunting in young Mexican children living in extreme poverty, and(More)
BACKGROUND In 2001, the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) carried out a major reorganization to provide comprehensive preventive care to reinforce primary care services through the PREVENIMSS program. This program divides the population into programmatic age groups that receive specific preventive services: children (0-9 years), adolescents (10-19(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Continuing medical education (CME) is essential for improving the quality of care in primary health care settings. This study's objective was to determine how the characteristics of family physicians influenced the effectiveness of a multifaceted CME intervention to improve the management of acute respiratory infection (ARI) or(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) has been closely related to acute respiratory infections (ARI), although information is still incomplete; for example, the frequency of VAD in children <5 years of age with pneumonia is not known, and the conditions associated with VAD have not been identified. This study was conducted to gain insight into the status of(More)
Background: Preeclampsia is a complex disease in which several providers should interact continuously and in a coordinated manner to provide proper health care. However, standardizing criteria to treat patients with preeclampsia is problematical and severe flaws have been observed in the management of the disease. This paper describes a set of critical(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate health status of the elderly in Mexico through their self-perception and to describe social, organizational and health-related factors. METHODS A study was carried out on secondary data from the 2000 National Health Survey in Mexico. Multiple logistic regression models were used. The dependent variable health status was measured(More)
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