Horst Zuse

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Besides the operators 'and', 'or' and 'not' the GRIPS retrieval language contains thesaurus — operators to extend the query and truncation — and context-operators for freetext and Boolean searching. In a similar way several other viewpoints and evaluation measures were defined and applied in the retrieval experiment. Under the assumption that(More)
Over the last decade many software metrics have been introduced by researchers and many software tools have been developed using software metrics to measure the "quality" of programs. These metrics for measuring productivity, reliability, maintainability, and complexity, for example, are vital to software development planning and management. In this paper a(More)
—Briand, Morasca, and Basili [1] introduce a measurement theoretic approach to software measurement and criticize among others the work of the author, but they misinterpret the work of the author. Zuse does not require additive software (complexity) measures as Briand, Morasca, and Basili state. Zuse uses the concept of the extensive structure in order to(More)
Elements of measurement theory have recently been introduced into the software engineering discipline. It has been suggested that these elements should serve as the basis for developing, reasoning about, and applying measures. For example, it has been suggested that software complexity measures should be additive, that measures fall into a number of(More)
This paper is the reply to the paper "Erhard Konrad: Software Metrics, Measurement Theory, and Viewpoints - Critical Remarks on a New Approach", which was published in SIGPLAN Notices in March 1991. Konrad imputes that the authors of /ZUSE89/ misapply measurement theory, and confuse reality with mathematics. The statements of Konrad are wrong. It will be(More)