Horst R Marschall

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Determining the origin of water and the timing of its accretion within the inner solar system is important for understanding the dynamics of planet formation. The timing of water accretion to the inner solar system also has implications for how and when life emerged on Earth. We report in situ measurements of the hydrogen isotopic composition of the mineral(More)
Two large pegmatitic crystals of sodic pyroxene (aegirine) and sodic amphibole (arfvedsonite) from the agpaitic igneous Ilímaussaq Complex, south Greenland were found to be suitable as reference materials for in situ Li isotope determinations. Lithium concentrations determined by SIMS and micro-drilled material analysed by MC-ICP-MS generally agreed within(More)
The fruits of endemic Prangos uechtritzii Boiss. & Hausskn. (Umbelliferae) were subjected to hydrodistillation and microdistillation. The resulting volatiles were investigated by GC-MS to determine the composition of the essential oils. 109 compounds representing 86.7% and thirty-two compounds representing 90.0% were identified and isolated by two different(More)
In subduction zones, sediments and hydrothermally altered oceanic crust, which together form part of the subducting slab, contribute to the chemical composition of lavas erupted at the surface to form volcanic arcs. Transport of this material from the slab to the overlying mantle wedge is thought to involve discreet melts and fluids that are released from(More)
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Inner Solar System bodies are depleted in volatile elements relative to chondrite meteorites, yet the source(s) and mechanism(s) of volatile-element depletion and/or enrichment are poorly constrained. The timing, mechanisms and quantities of volatile elements present in the early inner Solar System have vast implications for diverse processes, from(More)
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