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1: Setup for the recording procedure. The speaker is contacted via the microphone (right side of the figure). Final demisyllables: Das SeegebXXX ist weg. /dasze:gcbXXX §wstvek/ Table 1: Carrier phrases exemplified for the initial and the final demisyllables. The 'XXX' denote the varied part. ABSTRACT In concatenative speech synthesis systems the generation(More)
Introduction: Diffusion-weighted, readout-segmented EPI (rs-EPI) with parallel imaging and 2D navigator correction [1] can provide substantially improved image quality compared to single-shot EPI (ss-EPI) with parallel imaging. The technique achieves a reduction in susceptibility artefacts and T 2 * image blurring by allowing a very short echo-spacing,(More)
Numerical simulation studies in 2D with the addition of noise are reported for the convection of a supercritical fluid, 3He , in a Rayleigh-Bénard cell. The noise addition is to accelerate the instability growth after starting the heat flow across the fluid, so as to bring simulations into better agreement with published experimental observations.(More)
Heat transport in 3He above its critical temperature Tc was studied along the critical isochore in a flat Rayleigh-Bénard cell (height h=1 mm, diameter D=57 mm). The range of the reduced temperature epsilon was 5 x 10(-4)< or = epsilon < or =2 x 10(-1). The temperature difference deltaT(t) across the fluid layer as a function of the time t was measured for(More)
Surface crusting under raindrop impact reduces rainfall efficiency, increasing drought stress already associated ~th poor soils. An amelioration project was undertaken using both field and laboratory rainfall simulators. The field study, conducted on a Longlands form soil of low exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP 3,5), compared two rates of phos-phogypsum(More)
We analyze the time profile deltaT(t) of the temperature difference, measured across a very compressible supercritical 3He fluid layer in its convective state. The experiments were done along the critical isochore in a Rayleigh-Bénard cell after starting the vertical constant heat flow q. For q sufficiently well above that needed for the convection onset,(More)
The time profile DeltaT(t) of the temperature difference, measured across a very compressible fluid layer of supercritical 3He after the start of a heat flow, shows a damped oscillatory behavior before steady-state convection is reached. The results for DeltaT(t) obtained from numerical simulations and from laboratory experiments are compared over a(More)
Using the close linear regression between the logarithm of the dilution degree of a sample and the logarithm of the extinction measured in an ELISA both the relative concentrations of immunoglobulines of the isotypes IgG, IgM and IgA and of the LPS antibodies against S. Typhimurium of the different isotypes in blood sera and meat juice of 15 slaughtered(More)