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The time profile DeltaT(t) of the temperature difference, measured across a very compressible fluid layer of supercritical 3He after the start of a heat flow, shows a damped oscillatory behavior before steady-state convection is reached. The results for DeltaT(t) obtained from numerical simulations and from laboratory experiments are compared over a(More)
This paper reports 2D and 3D direct numerical simulations of the Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a fluid layer, 3He, close to its gas-liquid critical point. The main quantity of interest is the time when the convective motion becomes appreciable after the heat current has been started. A space periodic, time-independent temperature perturbation is applied to(More)
In concatenative speech synthesis systems the generation of a unit inventory is a tedious task. Hovewer, some applications demand multiple voices. A semiautomatic method to generate unit inventories is proposed. The units are segmented out of carrier phrases by means of dynamic time warping alignment with a synthesized utterance. This requires at least one(More)
Heat transport in 3He above its critical temperature Tc was studied along the critical isochore in a flat Rayleigh-Bénard cell (height h=1 mm, diameter D=57 mm). The range of the reduced temperature epsilon was 5 x 10(-4)< or = epsilon < or =2 x 10(-1). The temperature difference deltaT(t) across the fluid layer as a function of the time t was measured for(More)
An investigation was conducted in the laboratory and glasshouse to assess the sulphur (S) supplyingability of the important soil forms of the sugar industry. The amount of S in the soil as measured by a 0,5N ammonium acetate extraction procedure, was compared with the availability ofS during continuouscroppingof sorghumin pots. The number ofcropsrequired to(More)
We analyze the time profile deltaT(t) of the temperature difference, measured across a very compressible supercritical 3He fluid layer in its convective state. The experiments were done along the critical isochore in a Rayleigh-Bénard cell after starting the vertical constant heat flow q. For q sufficiently well above that needed for the convection onset,(More)
O H G r u p p e zug~tnglich is t ; aus F e r r o c e n y l m e t h y l c a r b i n o l erhie l t m a n in 50%iger A u s b e u t e mol iomeres Vinyl-ferrocel i (Schmp. 45 bis 48~ ~). (Un t e r den g le ichen B e d i n g u n g e n en~s tand aus P h e n y l m e t h y l c a r b i n o l ke in StyroL) Es sche in t , besol iders was die E i n f a e h h e i t der S(More)
Numerical simulation studies in 2D with the addition of noise are reported for the convection of a supercritical fluid, 3He , in a Rayleigh-Bénard cell. The noise addition is to accelerate the instability growth after starting the heat flow across the fluid, so as to bring simulations into better agreement with published experimental observations.(More)
The differences in the observed properties of solid H2 and D2 are reviewed, and in particular those encountered in NMR experiments. The failure to detect a sharp NMR (I=1) impurity ‘‘isolated pair’’ spectrum in p-D2 is discussed in terms of a larger crystalline field than in H2, where an intense and sharp pair spectrum has been observed. Furthermore, we(More)