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Skeletal isomerization of hexenes on γ-alumina
Abstract After some preliminary experiments the influence of the choice of double-bond isomers on skeletal reactions on γ-alumina was investigated. Double-bond isomerization is not always fastExpand
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Adsorption isotherms of hydrocarbons on γ-alumina
Abstract Adsorption isotherms on γ-alumina of hydrocarbons with up to eight carbon-atoms were investigated using the gas chromatographic method of Cremer and Huber. Under suitable conditions ofExpand
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An oxidation with carbonates and / or Carbonatanaloga and their use
An oxidation colorant for coloring keratin fibers, more particularly human hair, containing at least one coupler component and at least one developer component in a hydrous carrier, and at least oneExpand
Colorants for keratin fibers
The invention relates to colorants for keratin fibers, especially human hair, comprising a direct dye and / or (b) in an aqueous medium as coloring components at least (a) at least one oxidationExpand
Procede de coloration oxydative de fibres keratiniques
L'invention concerne un procede de coloration oxydative de fibres keratiniques, en particulier des cheveux, au moyen d'une preparation aqueuse de precurseurs de colorants oxydatifs. Ce procede estExpand
New Kupplerkomponente for oxidant
The invention relates to 1,2,3,4 tetrahydroquinoline derivatives of formula (I), where R = H, a C1-C4 alkyl group, a C1-C4 perfluoroalkyl group, a C2-C4 monohydroxyalkyl group, a C2-C5Expand
Agents contenant des isatines permettant de colorer des fibres contenant de la keratine
L'invention concerne des agents permettant de colorer des fibres contenant de la keratine, notamment des cheveux humains. Lesdits agents contiennent des isatines en combinaison avec des aminesExpand
Hair treatment preparation containing natural component
PURPOSE: To obtain the subject composition improving the state of combing through both of a wet and dried hair and reducing a static electric charge in the hair by including a mixture of aExpand
New developer components
The invention relates to means for dying keratin fibers, particularly human hair, which contain, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, at least one p-phenylenediamine derivative of formula (I),Expand