Horst Helbig

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BACKGROUND The "white dot syndromes" are a clinically heterogeneous group of inflammatory chorioretinopathies with an inconsistent classification. It is not yet clear if they represent distinct entities or if they are only different forms of the same basic disease. CASE REPORT A 53-year-old female patient presented with unilateral photopsia and reduced(More)
• Background: Pars planta vitrectomy has evolved as an alternative method in the treatment of more complicated rhegmatogenous retinal detachments. We report a series of patients who underwent primary vitrectomy with gas tamponade without the use of additional scleral buckling. • Methods: A retrospective study of 53 patients with a follow-up of 6–45 months(More)
In the present study we used the pH sensitive absorbance of 5(and6)-carboxy-4′,5′-dimethylfluorescein to investigate intracellular pH (pHi) regulation in A10 vascular smooth muscle cells: (1) The steady state pHi in A10 cells averaged 7.01±0.1 (mean±SEM,n=26) at an extracellular pH of 7.4 (28 mM HCO3/5% CO2). (2) Removal of extracellular sodium led to an(More)
Oxygen partial pressure (pO2) was measured in the anterior chamber of the human eye during routine cataract surgery using a polarographic oxygen electrode. We found a reproducible spatial distribution of oxygen in the aqueous humor. The pO2 (n = 8) was 44.9 +/- 9.1 mmHg in the chamber angle, 35.0 +/- 10.9 mmHg above the pupillary margin, and 13.5 +/- 8.0(More)
To determine changes in choroidal thickness in patients with central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR) during the first 3 months after initial diagnosis and assess variable therapeutic interventions via enhanced depth imaging spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (EDI-OCT). In this prospective study, choroidal thickness was measured via EDI-OCT both in(More)
The ciliary muscle which is involved in accommodation and regulation of aqueous humour outflow resistance resembles smooth muscle in other parts of the body. In the present investigation we used an established primary cell line (H7CM) to study the effects of endothelin, a novel vasoconstrictor peptide, on membrane voltage (V) and intracellular calcium in(More)
A smooth muscle cell line (H7CM) was established from the ciliary muscle of a 1-day-old human infant. The cultured cells had a normal female karyotype (46 XX) and could be maintained in cell culture for at least 11 generations. A common feature of confluent cultures was the presence of abundant bundles of 6-7 nm microfilaments associated with dense bodies.(More)
Primary pars plana vitrectomy (PPPV) has gained widespread popularity in the treatment of rhegmatogenous retinal detachments (RRD). However, the surgical procedure is still flawed by a significant rate of anatomical and functional failures. The study was conducted to analyse the risk factors for a dissatisfying postoperative outcome. We carried out a(More)
PURPOSE To quantify optical coherence tomography (OCT) images of the central retina in patients with blue-cone monochromatism (BCM) and achromatopsia (ACH) compared with healthy control individuals. METHODS The study included 15 patients with ACH, 6 with BCM, and 20 control subjects. Diagnosis of BCM and ACH was established by visual acuity testing,(More)
Uptake of 22Na+ was studied in cultured bovine pigmented ciliary epithelial cells (PE) in HCO3-containing media. Two components of Na+-uptake were stimulated by intracellular acidification (NH4+-prepulse): One was amiloride-sensitive, the other DIDS-sensitive. The amiloride-sensitive component of Na+-uptake probably represents Na+/H+-exchange, which has(More)