Horst D. Clausen

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With Trivastal, a double blind study including placebo control was carried out with 66 patients at the age between 55 and 67. These persons were patients of several practioners and were treated because of different phenomena of the neurovascular psychosyndrome. They received 1 dragee daily at the beginning of the treatment, then additional dragees up to the(More)
Description of the Embrace Architecture Within the Embrace project, a novel infrastructure for a high speed, high availability cell based (wireless) LMDS system was developed. The setup is made up of a number of so-called base stations, connected through a high-speed ATM backbone and associated components (ATM switches, routers, referred to as Core(More)
Future broadband wireless networks will carry predominantly applications and services which are based on the Internet Protocol. Traditionally IP considers every subnetwork as a link which allows the transmission of an IP datagram from the entry point to the next exit point from this subnetwork. This involves a link-layer encapsulation of the IP datagram in(More)
The development of large, complex systems consisting of both hardware and software normally involves several companies and/or development teams for the development of the different subsystems forming the entire system. Depending on the kind of subsystem to be developed, these different development teams normally use different system engineering(More)
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