Horst Bock

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The isolated perfused glomerulus technique was used to study pressure dependence of renin release in single, microdissected rabbit glomeruli with intact afferent arteriole and intact Bowman's capsule. Renin release from individual afferent-glomerular units was measured in 30 minute intervals while afferent arteriolar pressure was either decreased from 55 to(More)
BACKGROUND The conversion of patients on stable epoetin therapy to darbepoetin alpha is usually carried out according to the '1 microg darbepoetin =200 U epoetin' rule, which is based on the protein content of the two compounds. Since several observations have suggested that this conversion factor leads to an overestimate of the required darbepoetin dose,(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperuricaemia is a well known side-effect of cyclosporin A (CsA) treatment. The pathogenic mechanisms, however, remain controversial. There is no convincing evidence that hyperuricaemia is due to CsA-induced, impaired tubular handling of uric acid. The impact of diminished GFR in this particular context has never been investigated. METHODS We(More)
Glomerular hyperfiltration, which is expected to occur after uninephrectomy, could potentially damage the non-transplanted donor kidney in living donor transplantation. We therefore prospectively measured renal function (inulin and PAH clearance), albumin excretion and blood pressure in the donors of 30 consecutive living donor kidney transplants before(More)
OBJECTIVES Incidence and risk factors of post-transplant monoclonal gammopathy were studied in renal transplant patients who received their grafts between 1982 and 1992 (n = 390 grafts). Immunoelectrophoresis was performed at annual intervals after transplantation. RESULTS Forty-six cases of clonal gammopathy were detected: 35 monoclonal, 11 bi- or(More)
BACKGROUND Studies examining the treatment reality of IBD patients in Germany have been limited, as networking among deliverers of care and reliable documentation of medical, demographic, and economic data are lacking. The aim of the present study was to establish an internet-based treatment registry in order to evaluate treatment of IBD patients in(More)
23 living related kidney transplant donors were prospectively studied to determine the degree of hyperfiltration which occurs after uninephrectomy and to monitor potential consequences of this procedure such as hypertension, microalbuminuria or renal functional impairment. Standard inulin and PAH clearance studies were performed immediately before (n = 23),(More)
A man was found unconscious near a ladder in a house. After resuscitation he was brought to a hospital and X-rays of the skull showed that two 12-cm long nails had completely penetrated the cranial cavity. The nails were operatively removed and after treatment for 5 weeks, the patient was transferred to a rehabilitation centre with a decreasing hemiparesis(More)
The effect of long-term treatment with either enalapril or high dose verapamil on survival, proteinuria, blood pressure and renal morphology was studied in female Wistar rats with markedly reduced renal mass. Four weeks were allowed for remnant kidney hypertrophy before determining the response to renal ablation of individual animals regarding proteinuria(More)