Horst Blum

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Integrins are a family of cell surface glycoproteins that mediate numerous cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions and are involved in biological processes such as tissue morphogenesis, leukocyte recirculation and migration, wound healing, blood clotting and immune response. Aberrant cell adhesion has been implicated in the pathogenesis of several diseases,(More)
After infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, humans and mice under certain conditions develop arthritis. Initiation of inflammation is dependent on the migration of innate immune cells to the site of infection, controlled by interactions of a variety of adhesion molecules. In this study, we used the newly synthesized compound S18407, which is a prodrug of the(More)
Starting from clinical candidates Firategrast, Valategrast, and AJM-300, a series of novel macrocyclic platelet collagen receptor α2β1 antagonists were developed. The amino acid derived low molecular weight 14-18-membered macrocycles turned out to be highly active toward integrin α2β1 with IC50s in the low nanomolar range. The conformation of the(More)
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