Horst Behrens

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The evolution of the boson peak with densification at medium densification rates (up to 2.3%) in silicate glasses was followed through heat capacity measurements and low frequency Raman scattering. It is shown that the decrease of the boson peak induced by densification does not conform to that expected from a continuous medium; rather it follows a two step(More)
Post-partum weight loss is critical to preventing and managing obesity in women, but the results from lifestyle interventions are variable and the components associated with successful outcomes are not yet clearly identified. This study aimed to identify lifestyle intervention strategies associated with weight loss in post-partum women. MEDLINE, EMBASE,(More)
The skin of the quail embryo has been investigated microscopically with the help of freeze-etched preparations and the thin section method. On the 11th day of hatching the epidermis consists of the stratum basale and the periderm. They are not keratinized and do not differ concerning their cell junctions. Desmosomes have particles on both fracture faces(More)
Dissolved water is known to dramatically enhance oxygen diffusion in silicate melts, glasses and minerals. A quantitative theory has been developed to explain this phenomenon by transport via molecular H2O diffusion [Y. Zhang, E.M. Stolper, G.J. Wasserburg, Diffusion of a multi-species component and its role in the diffusion of water and oxygen in(More)
Dual-tracer spikings were conducted during or immediately after reservoir stimulation (chemical and/or hydraulic faulting, fracturing or fissuring) in single-well configurations in two different geological settings in the Northern-German sedimentary basin. The first one was a single-well flow-path spiking between two sandstone layers in and between which(More)